Logistics & Supply Chain

Aiming to provide instant access to vital medical supplies for every human on the planet.

San Francisco,
United States
  • Provide every human on earth with instant access to vital medical supplies.
  • Built the world's fastest and most reliable delivery drone and the world's largest autonomous logistics network.
  • 26.482 Livesaving deleveries by drone | They're providing 16 million people with access to urgent medicines.

In 2014, Zipline was created to deliver medicine to people who need it most. Since then, they’ve engineered the world’s quickest and most reliable delivery drone and therefore the world’s largest autonomous logistics network.

Zipline leap-frogs superannuated solutions with an effective drone delivery network, revolutionizing access to healthcare. In April 2019 their first distribution center opened in Ghana.

A single Zipline distribution center offers instant medical access to millions. For big countries, Zipline builds a network of distribution centers. Zipline has designed redundant systems into their drone. The drone has 2 motors and if one stops operating, the other one kicks in.

They create and test their technology in Half Moon Bay, California. They assemble the drones and technology that powers their distribution centers in South San Fransisco. They run extensive flight testing in Davis, California. They operate distribution centers around the world with teams of local operators.

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