Renewables & Environment

Researching and creating sustainable, profitable and circular products made of dredge.

  • They are a team of enthusiast that show change of our production processes is possible by changing them. Waste streams become resources with economic and ecological value.
  • They believe that circularity is and must be economically feasible.
  • Zero Waste | Circular Economy | Research & Innovation.

The current economy doesn’t answer today’s needs. Our planet needs a shift to the circular economy. Waterweg aims to contribute to this transition by showing that things can be done differently. We research & design circular solutions, focussing on dredged sediments.

Why dredged sediments? After a waterway is dredged, the dredged sediments are transported to a remote depot where it is dried for nearly a year. When the sediments are dry they are again transported, from the depot to applications on industrial areas. Each step in this process costs money, time and CO2 and nowhere in the chain value gets added to the dredged sediments. Waterweg interferes in this process, by creating circular business cases for dredged sediments, cutting both costs, time and CO2 emissions.

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