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Creating an environment in which entrepreneurial activity and innovation can be supported.

Simpson Bay,
Sint Maarten
  • They focus on circular solutions to reduce the number of reusable materials ending up in landfills.
  • They aim to create an inspiring environment in which local entrepreneurial activity and innovation are encouraged.
  • Reuse and recycle materials to create products | Social Impact.

Sint Maarten is an economic heart in the Caribbean. Thus far, most of the islands’ economy has been reliant on tourism and import. However, there are many other unexplored business opportunities here, one of these is waste. Waste2work strives to make communities look at waste differently. One of their main goals is to reduce the number of reusable materials that end up in landfills and use these materials to create new valuable opportunities.

The end of use for a particular product does not necessarily mean the end of life for its materials. Waste2work looks for innovative solutions to increase the life cycle of reusable materials by building attractive new products after their original use has ended. Encouraging the island to move from a linear economy (buy-use-waste), to a more circular economy (buy-use-use again).

Waste2Work stimulates locally made products created out of waste. They give local entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs with a great idea, a helping hand to create their own business, out of this (often overlooked) resource. Business models utilizing waste don’t just make financial sense, but also help reduce, reuse and recycle the waste on Sint Maarten.

Moreover, locally assembled products out of waste can create new interesting employment opportunities and stimulate a more diverse economy, in turn making the economy more flexible.

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