Public Relations & Communications

W.Green brings style to sustainability and ethics to aesthetics.

  • They believe that in this world of abundance it’s their job to spread the message of brands that have a story to tell and value to add.
  • Never ever doubt if you can make a difference, because you can be the change. We can create a better tomorrow together.
  • Green branding materials | C02 neutral web-hosting

W.Green is a Branding and Communication Agency that specializes in and promotes innovation in the field of modern sustainable fashion & lifestyle. Willa Stoutenbeek, the founder of W.Green, has about 20 years of experience, built a wide network in the field of fashion & lifestyle industry and media.

With the pillars Create (branding, strategy & concept), Connect (mediate, exchange & associate) and Communicate (media, PR, marketing & copy writing) W.Green develops tailor-made creative solutions and (communication) strategies.

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