Veggies on Fire


Veggies On Fire is a completely vegetable restaurant just outside the center of The Hague.

Den Haag,
  • They want to offer honest plants-based food which you can enjoy.
  • Create awareness of how our society deals with animals.
  • Season based menu | Plant-based food | Vegan.

Veggies On Fire offers purely vegetable dishes and drinks. All ingredients that they use are as much as possible of organic origin and locally grown. To give a dish a little more excitement, some exotic products are used here and there, such as in their Chipotle Burger. They import the smoked Mexican Chipotle Peppers from Mexico themselves.

By eating vegetable food you contribute to the environment, your health, and you prevent animal suffering. There is a much more economical use of water and other natural resources, and the choice of pure vegetable food ultimately leads to a much more efficient global food distribution.

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