Sporting Goods

VAUDE develops, produces and sells sustainable outdoor gear.

  • As a sustainable outdoor outfitter, they are contributing to making the world a better place, so that tomorrow’s generation will continue to be able to enjoy nature.
  • They stand for a spirit of partnership with nature and with people.
  • Eco-friendly products | Sustainable materials | Fair production methods | Their products are designed to be easily repaired.

As a modern family-run company and Europe’s environmentally-friendly outdoor supplier, VAUDE takes its social and environmental duty very seriously. They breathe life into this maxim in all three of their business segments: Mountain Sports, Bike Sports, and Packs ‘n Bags.

They have been working with the strict environmental bluesign® standard since 2001, which controls the entire textile production chain. They were also the first Outdoor company to receive EMAS certification.

They will also continue to progress their environmental performance in the future and have set themselves the goal of continuously transforming the entire product palette so that it is produced according to the highest standards of environmental compatibility. They are working to make (y)our world a better place.

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