The Harvest


Cooking healthy, pure and with the season.

  • They want to contribute to a sustainable future by serving food in harmony with the country, body, and mind.
  • They want to make the choice easier to eat healthy and nutritious.
  • Vegan | Local suppliers | Season based food.

The Harvest originated from the concept of ​​consuming products that are available in the Netherlands from the same season as before. Our body requires different accents in our diet each period of the year. Nature has provided this excellently for us, so The Harvest embraces this principle.

The passion for seasonal products and the love for nutritious food has laid the base for The Harvest. They also providing company lunches and catering for events. In their kitchen, they use as many products as possible that are available during the season. The benefit for everyone is that these products have a better taste and hold more nutritional values.

At The Harvest they attempt to work as sustainably as possible. This is mainly reflected in the use of 100% biodegradable disposables and the passion for vegetables.

Food must include the required energy and building materials. In their belief, this means that a meal must always contain the four essential nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats and vitamins and minerals.

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