The Colour Kitchen


This restaurant wants you to enjoy the diversity of people and dishes from all over the world.

  • They want their guests to enjoy the diversity of people and dishes from all over the world.
  • They give people, who are at a distance from the labor market, a chance to develop their passion for cooking and hospitality.
  • Sustainable food | Local products | Social Impact.

Making a social impact, that’s what it’s all about at The Color Kitchen. Together with their guests and associates, they make a difference by giving people with a distance to the labor market a new opportunity.

In order to make even more social impact, they created the NO SOCIAL WASTE campaign, with which they enter the barricades. They believe they must embrace the human capital in the Netherlands – no talent can remain unused! Every day at The Color Kitchen, they experience that what they do really makes a difference.

The following statement by Nelson Mandela fits them well: “The meaning of our life lies in the difference we make in the lives of others.” They make a difference in people’s lives by giving them a new chance. Educating them, offering them an internship, or helping them with a new job makes a difference in their lives. They are an example for family, friends, and everyone who works with them or is a guest at our locations.

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