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Tens drench your world in rich warm tones, no matter where you are.

84 Miller St
Glasgow G1 1DT
  • They want to lower the impact on the environment with their products.
  • Tens is a brand that prides itself on seeing things differently.
  • Frames made from plant-based Italian acetate | Handcrafted.

They were driving through the Highlands in search of sunshine when they came up with the plan for Tens. You might not think of sunglasses and Scotland as the ideal match, but that’s sort of the point. Produced by photographers (Marty, Kris & Tom), they thought it would be great to take the rich, warm colors they add to their photos and apply them to real life.

And so, many rounds of prototypes and one crowdfunding campaign later, Tens was a reality. When they launched their crowdfunding campaign in 2014, they picked up 10,000 customers from 100+ countries around the world. Since then, they’ve been fortunate to have them come along for the ride and meet even more creatives, explorers and all-round positive people along the way.

Considering they knew nothing about the eyewear industry, they had to learn rather fast. Five years on, they’ve come a long way! Their collection is created in Scotland and each pair is handcrafted to guarantee a level of craftsmanship that they’re really satisfied with.

Their frames are made from plant-based Italian acetate, all originating from the renewable resources of wood pulp & natural cotton fibers. The impact on the environment is significantly lower than conventional plastic sunglasses.

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