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A toothbrush that is good for you and the world.

  • They want to make bamboo toothbrushes that are good for you and the world.
  • They want to reduce plastic waste by creating sustainable products that are better for the world and the environment.
  • 100% degradable | Reduce the use of plastic | Sustainable packaging.

SWOODS, a toothbrush that is good for you and the world. Growing bamboo requires no toxic pesticides or fertilizers. It can sustain itself by extracting nitrogen from the soil and it leaves no dangerous chemicals when it is collected. Bamboo has natural antibacterial substances in its fibers, making it a great material to use for toothbrushes.

Pandas and orangutans don’t eat moso-bamboo. Harvesting them for production will not harm animal environments and food supply. The handle of the SwoodsBrush is manufactured with bamboo and is 100% biodegradable. The smooth bristles are BPA-free, made of nylon and impregnated with charcoal. A natural whitener of the teeth.

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