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STRØM is a fashion brand that combines minimal, handcrafted designs with high-quality fabrics.

  • They want to offer high-quality sustainable fashion items.
  • They believe in unconditional friendship and the moments of happiness we share together.
  • Organic cotton| Sustainable packaging | Partner Make-A-Wish® Belgium-Vlaanderen and The Plastic Soup Foundation.

The wonderful ways of life brought the four founders of STRØM Clothing together in the lively city of Antwerp, the so-called ‘Stad aan de Stroom’. During a warm evening around May 2017, they began playing with the idea of starting a clothing brand that blends high-quality fabrics with recognizable, minimalistic icon designs. The Danish Ø is a reference to the elegance and simplicity of Scandinavian minimalistic designs. The brand STRØM was born.

Friendship and joy are the key messages they want to spread. The idea of a STRØM moment as a kind of transcendent experience while having a good time with your beloved ones is basically their companies DNA. As young entrepreneurs they have a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. They therefore have teamed up with Make-A-Wish® Belgium-Vlaanderen. They think that everyone is entitled to realizing his or her dreams and to have STRØM moments.

Moreover, they also believe in qualitative and sustainable products. That is why all their products are made according to the Organic Blended Cotton Standard and wear the Fair Wear label. In addition they try to reduce plastic waste by packing their orders in recyclable boxes without any additional plastic wrappers.

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