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Delivers you the greenest plants. From sustainable and organic growers.

  • They want to make cities green with poison-free plants, bring people back in contact with nature and shake up the cultivation sector.
  • They believe that people who surround themselves with green are happier and healthier. They want to inspire you to make your own environment, your home, garden, balcony or office green.
  • Sustainably grown plants | Plants from organic growers | Poison-free plants.

With Sprinklr you buy sustainable green. Because unfortunately, by no means, all the plants that you can buy are purely natural. Plant breeding is a real industry, and that includes all the problems and challenges that also play a role in other sectors. Sprinklr opts for outdoor plants that are grown without poison, a large part of our outdoor plants is grown by SKAL-certified growers. Their indoor plant growers are precursors in the field of preventive biological control.

They work with organic growers for outdoor plants and bulbs. Unfortunately, that is not possible for houseplants. Although the Netherlands is the world’s houseplant supplier, there are only three true organic growers in the Netherlands. A sansevieria grower, an orchid grower, and Klein Mexico, where their succulents from the selection 100% Bio Trio come from. Their other plants come as much as possible from growers they know and who are precursors in the field of biological control, such as VDE Plants and Smit Kwekerijen.

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