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100% Fair-trade Cashmere clothes, made by Nepalese artisans.

  • 100% Fair-trade Cashmere Clothes | All Profits are Reinvested or Spent on Improving Living Conditions in Nepal.

To SoGoodToWear, slow fashion represents clothes which are made with and worn with, love. Slow fashion is a lifelong investment, not just for your wardrobe, but for our collection as well. Once you’ve found your favorite shirt, you can still buy the same a few years later.

We also believe in a slow start, starting with a small collection, exclusive to a few select stores. These are some of the best clothing stores in Europe, and stock the finest brands, which our basics fit right next to. Our initial collection consists of a variety of tops, long sleeves, a track pant, a hat, and a shawl.

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