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The world’s first carbon-negative fashion brand. Designed to make a difference.

Leverton Pl
Kentish Town
London NW5 2PL
  • Fully Biodegradable Materials | Digitally Trackable Provenance | 10x Carbon-Negative Impact > 387,305 kg - That's the total CO2 they've sequestered so far.

More than 90% of fashion brands have no idea of where their raw materials come from. So you don’t know either. We want to remind you.

Remind you that every item in your wardrobe has lived a life before you bought it. That every item of clothing starts out somewhere. In our sweater’s case, everything starts with a sheep.

Carbon Negative

The fashion industry is one of the most-polluting out there. A wolf that’s eating up the planet. And if things continue as they are, by 2050 fashion will be responsible for one-quarter of the world’s carbon dioxide budget.

The rules have to change. ‘Sustainable’ doesn’t cut it. Let’s start fixing things. They invest all sheep-adoption income into biodiversity projects that mitigate ten times over the carbon dioxide impact of your sweater (and of your sheep). They are the first carbon-negative fashion brand on earth.

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