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Seepje makes natural washing and cleaning products.

Den Haag,
  • A cleaner and brighter world!
  • They believe that everyone can benefit from their products. You, us, the retailers, the environment, the Himalayan farmers and our ‘champs’ in sheltered employment.
  • Eco-friendly ingredients | Ecologically certified | Social Impact | Provide time and resources for social projects

Seepje was founded by Melvin and Jasper , they started Seepje with their study loan in 2013. Seepje is now a team of nine full-timers. They work in The Hague, where it is (almost) always fun, where they inspire each other and elevate their brand to a higher level. Their 11 different products are sold at around 1,600 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

Seepje makes natural washing and cleaning products based on the Sapindus mukorossi fruit from the Himalayas. As soon as the skin of this fruit sees water, it makes a natural form of soap. In this way we together create a cleaner and more beautiful world!

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