Environmental Services

Providing green solutions that elevate the quality of life through social and environmental change.

  • To be the global leader in green and sustainable solutions.
  • They aim to provide inspired urban green solutions that elevate the quality of life through environmental and social change.
  • Rooftop farming | Fresh food | Land preservation

Schaduf was established by the brothers, Sherif and Tarek Hosny, after volunteering on a farm in Louisiana. They have always been fascinated by plants and their curiosity about nature led them to trips to Ethiopia and Rwanda. Noticing the huge influence the river Nile has on both those two nations they quickly realized that Africa and the Middle East’s futures will rest on their ability to preserve water and other natural resources.

The word “schaduf” refers to an old-fashioned irrigation tool that lifts water to irrigation canals. In the case of Schaduf, they lift water, sunshine, and life to barren concrete walls and roofs. Schaduf aims to inspire urban green solutions that upgrade the quality of life through environmental and social transformation.

What began with a small scale rooftop farming endeavor has instantly evolved into a major design and technology hub with innovations in landscape architecture, farming, vertical gardening, and a mixture of sustainability-driven products and services across the Middle East and Africa. They are continually shifting the boundaries of life sciences, engineering and art to cater to the needs of their customers and their well-being.

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