Peak Design

Consumer Goods

Peak Design is a design company that creates high-grade camera gear and carry bags.

San Francisco,
United States
  • They want their products to be innovative, beautifully crafted, and quite literally the best in their category.
  • They strive to leave this planet better than they found it.
  • Most PD bags have a 100% recycled nylon and polyester shell |1% for the planet | They fund and advocate for initiatives to preserve wild places | Social Impact.

Peak Design develops products that keep your gear organized, protected, and accessible, so you are free to adventure, commute, and create. They pride themselves in developing true utility through elegant, thoughtful design.

They are a design company—it’s in their name and in their blood. Their products must be innovative, wonderfully crafted, and quite literally the best in their category.

The majority of people who make Peak Design products (500+) work in their associate factories in Vietnam and China. They aren’t direct Peak Design employees, but they are equally entitled to happy, satisfying lives. They are not successful unless they share in that success. Peak Design negotiates fair pay and safe working conditions in their factories. They visit them frequently and invest in audits so they can confidently hold themselves accountable to this objective.

They aim to leave this world better than they found it. They are aware that creating and shipping things harms the environment. Offsetting this impact is a responsibility they feel both as a company and individuals. They donate 1% of their revenue to environmental nonprofits. They also guarantee their products for life and refurbish broken items to keep them in use and out of landfills. They can and will do much more.

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