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PACK is a modular system, encompassing backpacks, totebags and small home interior items.

  • They're committed to continuously improving their impact by using more recycled and circular materials.
  • They create unisex modular accessories with the aim to inspire their customers towards conscious consumerism.
  • Bags from recycled and circular materials | The bags themselves can be recycled, repaired and unpdated

PACK is a contemporary brand with the idea that a bag is owned about a lifetime and not just for the moment.

They develop unisex modular accessories with the intention to excite customers towards mindful consumerism.

Founded in Amsterdam by Alei Verspoor – PACK Bags are handmade in Europe using high-quality materials. Polyester webbing, lightweight nylon, and aluminum clips are thoughtfully selected by the designer for their durability, function, and style. As they look towards the future – they’re committed to continuously increasing their impact by using more recycled and circular materials.

By using an innovative modular system, PACK Bags are compromised or exchangeable components; which means your bag can be simply recycled, repaired, and updated. Their components come in a variety of colors and material options, so you can fit your bag to your individual style.

And if for some reason your bag sustains any damage – they are immediately available for any repairs you’ll need.

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