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The Naked Truth About Denim.

Västra Hamngatan 6
  • They're driven by conviction and determination, the process for an all-organic denim brand took off.
  • Their jeans are not designed to be used a few times and then thrown away. They cherish the well-worn and mended.
  • 100% Sustainable Materials | Transparent & Fair Production | Repair Service

Nudie Jeans doesn’t just offer jeans. With a wear and tear-way of thinking, reuse, and repair program Nudie Jeans provides and maintains a tradition true to the fabric’s tradition and characteristics.

Founded in Gothenburg in 2001, the Swedish denim company has been recognized for their work with sustainability, both environmental and social. With a denim collection made from 100% organic cotton and transparent production, Nudie Jeans Co is in the fore edge and has taken a prominent role in the industry’s work for a more sustainable existence.

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