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Muima is a plastic recycling company in Kenya that makes plastic products.

  • They want to use the amount of plastic litter on the Kenyan streets  to make products from this plastic waste.
  • They want to keep the streets in Kenyan clean and use the revenue of the products to support the collectors of the plastic litter so they can support their family.
  • Products from recycled plastic | They make sure as much revenue as possible goes back to Africa.

Muima was established in 2016 by Reinoud de Klerk & Marijn Duvekot. As students of the Delft University of Technology, they came in contact with Wilson and his company Muima Industries for the first time when starting their minor program International Entrepreneurship & Development.

After preparing changes for the injection molding technique used by Wilson in Kenya, they flew to Wilson in Kenya to realize their plans and ideas. After arriving, they were immediately surprised by the amount of plastic litter on the Kenyan streets and very much excited about the factory, the people working there and the principle of making products from plastic waste. That’s when they decided to join forces on the long term with the existing factory to work together and grow the company to Europe.

Still Muima works together with the Delft University of Technology that provided interns every year. These interns not only create new plans and ideas with their young and creative minds, but they also accompany the yearly reinvestments into the factory, the people working for Muima, the circumstances and the production safety.

Sam, Reinoud & Marijn still work on a 100% voluntarily basis, making sure as much revenue as possible goes back to Africa.

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