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A world without waste: Lease a Jeans.


    It started in 2013 when Bert van Son founded the company. His 30 years’ experience in the fashion industry made him realize how dirty and unfair the industry is most of the time. He has witnessed that life for factory workers is extremely demanding and that it makes great demands of nature. And decided this was something he wanted to change.

    Bert believes that having fun without destroying the earth and its resources is possible. As an amateur-sailor, he realizes how strong nature is and how the elements master you. Together with his team, Bert transformed MUD Jeans into an exemplary company, consistently putting circular economy principles into practice. Mastering the fashion industry on a different level.

    MUD Jeans aims to make good quality, ethical jeans available to more people. Our jeans already hit about every box on the ethical checklist, but then we took it a step further. In 2013, MUD Jeans launched the pioneering lease system. This system ensures that we keep hold of our valuable fibres and that every garment comes back to us and gets recycled.

    Repairs are provided for free and the customers can keep the jeans for as long as they want, with a Repair Service provided for free. Or they can swap them for a new pair after the one-year rental term is complete. It resulted in global media awareness and Bert sharing the MUD Jeans story worldwide.

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