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Co-create opportunities for migrants, refugees and locals to meet, interact, and collaborate.

Den Haag,
  • They co-create opportunities with and for refugees, migrants and locals to meet, interact and collaborate in cities across Europe.
  • They want to generate new ways to communicate with and relate to each other in public space or at work.
  • Social Impact

Migrationlab co-creates opportunities with and for refugees, migrants, and locals to meet, interact and collaborate in cities across Europe. They change urban spaces to public living rooms together with migrants, refugees, and locals to facilitate the encounter and exchange between these communities and help them collaborate to find solutions to local problems they face.

Migrationlab started in September 2014, starring Laura M. Pana’s own journey and experiences as a Romanian migrant woman in Europe with the aim to generate broader conversations and investigate migration topics such mobility, home, identity, multilingualism, and gender equality together with migrants, refugees and locals all over the world.

Migrationlab took shape out of the need to co-create a dedicated physical space and time where we migrants, refugees, and locals reflect on who we are, where we come from and work together on how to live together in the same neighborhood or city. Here you can learn more about their projects.

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