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They address climate change by helping to restore 2 billion hectares of degraded land.

  • They're on a mission to reforest the world’s 2 billion hectares of degraded land.
  • They address climate change by helping to restore the world’s 2 billion hectares of degraded land within our lifetime.
  • Planting trees | Sustainable reforestation.

Land Life Company was founded in 2013 on the conviction that a business approach and innovative technology solutions can be a force for good. Today they are a diverse team of 30 driven professionals, with teams on three continents and reforestation projects in over twenty-five countries.

When Jurriaan Ruys and Eduard Zanen launched Land Life Company in 2013, they began to develop and implement new technologies to sustainably restore those parts of the world where nature cannot come back unaided. To make this dream a reality, they have formed a team of professionals from 9 different nationalities spanning the fields of ecology, engineering, software development, business strategy, sales, marketing, and design.

Whether they’re in the factory perfecting their Cocoon production process, meeting with clients to create new partnerships or in the field planting thousands of trees, everyone is finding new ways to restore more hectares of land every year.

Land Life has a high-tech approach to drive scale, performance and high impact outcomes in their reforestation work worldwide. This allows them to kickstart nature in severely degraded regions where nature will not come back unaided. Learn more about their technology here.

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