Kuyichi Pure Goods

Apparel & Fashion

They love goods that are fairly made, made with love and made of beautiful harm free materials.

  • They want to make sustainable products more interesting and change the industry.
  • They want to create a system that makes life fun and enjoyable for everyone in the chain.
  • 100% Organic denim | 100% Pesticide free | Recycled materials | Vegan | Social Impact

In 2000 the founders of Kuyichi, NGO Solidaridad, wanted to introduce organic cotton in the clothing industry. During their experience with the development of fair trade organic coffee and fruit business in Latin America, they found the cotton industry caused a lot of pollution and poverty among indigenous Indians and factory workers. Solidaridad decided to make a change. First, Solidaridad tried to convince the big players in the denim industry to use organic cotton, to improve the working and living conditions in developing countries. None of the brands were interested, and Solidaridad began their fashion brand in response. In 2001 Kuyichi was born.

Kuyichi is 1st for organic. Their innovative role in exploring and creating new sustainable garments production lead to a new accepted conscious strategy in denim & fashion. They aim to produce their collection as sustainable as possible, using almost 100% sustainable materials! They are always experimenting with new sustainable concepts like recycled polyester, Tencel®, spare denim, and hemp.

Next to the environment, Kuyichi takes care of the social circumstances of the people who grow their cotton or make their garments. They work in close cooperation with Made-by to certify their suppliers according to the social standards approved by Made-by, such as SA8000, Fairwear, BSCI, and Wrap.

Being fair, being real, and inspire others to do the same. That’s their philosophy. Love the world!

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