They're improving the charitable sector by making donating easier.

  • Trust in the charitable sector is at its lowest since 2001; Kinder is here to fix it.
  • They are a tech-for-good company empowering global citizens to do good, and to do good better.
  • Tech for Good | Research | Transparency.

Kinder is here to disrupt the complex world of charitable giving. They want to restore trust in the charitable sector by making donating more accessible, more effective, and more rewarding, ultimately nudging charitable organizations towards improving their performance.

Trust in the charitable sector is broken. In the past few years major scandals shook the sector and people got disappointed by costly and annoying donor recruitment strategies. As a result, people’s faith in charitable organisations has dropped dramatically.

They are the first organisation to address the needs and concerns of people like you who want to donate. They thoroughly vet the performance of charitable organisations and allow donors to act instantly when confronted with the world’s problems.

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