JUST Water

Consumer Goods

100% responsibly sourced spring water in a plant-based, recyclable carton.

New York,
United States
  • We inspire people to do good and feel good through conscious choices that help our community and the planet.
  • We believe even the smallest ripple can make a big splash.
  • Sustainably Sourced Water | Sustainable Packaging | 100% Recyclable.

JUST Water believes the future is worth the effort. The things we buy have an impact. We believe in the powerful correlation between doing good and feeling good. This self-sustaining cycle is bolstered by positive actions, conscious choices, and the conviction that we can enhance the good and reduce the bad by bringing everyday essentials to life with quality, value, and sustainable design. One carton might not save the world, but we believe it’s a start.

JUST Water is the first manifestation of this vision. It is 100% spring water packaged in a plant-based carton. The brand approach is holistic and accounts both for the quality, sourcing and impact of the product itself, and also the impact of the materials in which it’s packaged.

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