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Hemel(s)water is pure water that is made from rainwater with the help of a Hemel(s)water system.

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  • They want to use rainwater to create drinking water which is sustainable, safe, healthy and clean.
  • Provide homes and businesses with clean water which can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Clean drinking water | Sustainable | Zero Waste | Renewable.

Hemelswater is a prize-winning technology that is now available to everyone. Hemel(s) water is pure water that is made from rainwater using a Hemel(s) water system. This water is free from bacteria, medicine, viruses, lime, and other undesired materials.

This water can be used in offices, public buildings, industry, hospitality and at home. For industry, the water can be used as demineralized water and low-pressure boiler feed water. It is very soft water that can be used at home for showering, toilet, washing and even drinking.

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