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Sustainable and recycled yoga mats made in Germany.

  • They love materials that flow in endless cycles and we are motivated to make this planet a worthwhile place for future generations.
  • They want to use their sustainable yoga equipment to reduce the amount of plastic waste on our planet and promote conscious consumption.
  • Reduce plastic waste | Recyclable | Carbon neutral shipping | €1 of each hejhej-mat goes to the social initiative Earthchild Project.

hejhej-mats is a sustainable start-up and has developed a completely sustainable yoga mat, which resources can circulate in endless lifecycles.

The founders have chosen not to use natural resources in order to not intervene in precious ecosystems but instead to use a resource which the planet already has access off: waste. With this approach, hejhej-mat tackles two main problems: the increasing quantity of plastic waste as well as resource scarcity. For hejhej-mats the most sustainable path is a product align with the circular economy. The yoga mats are developed out of offcuts naturally occurring in the foaming industry. Each hejhej-mat gives those offcuts a second life in the form of a yoga mat. Once the product enters the end of its lifespan, it can get recycled, and the material will be used for new products. The entire production process takes place in Germany, which guarantees the highest labor standards and quality, as well as low transportation ways and CO2 emissions.

Sustainability is the heart of hejhej-mats, which is why the packaging of the mats is fully recycled, shipping takes place climate neutrally, and the biodegradable organic cotton logo gets sewed on top of each mat in cooperation with a workplace for people with a handicap.

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