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Hamwells is making showering sustainable.

  • They are making showering sustainable. To realize this they offer the HomeSpa and Blue shower systems.
  • Provide a sustainable shower experience that has a more positive impact on the environment.
  • Reductions on warm water usage | Save on 85% water and energy 70%

Hamwells. The HomeSpa is a shower that offers both a traditional shower and an innovative circular shower. You can use the traditional shower to get clean and you can use the sustainable circular shower to enjoy a long comfortable shower. That is what they call great comfort, great savings.

The Blue made by Hamwells is a shower system with a heat exchange module. This module enables great reductions on warm water usage. Because of this, you can also decrease the size of your hot water infrastructure. Saving on capital investment and the annual energy bill. So you can enjoy a comfortable and sustainable shower with the Blue.

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