Groene Bouwhekken

Environmental Services

They improve the appearance of the construction site and help people with reintegration.

  • Their goal is to help people to integrate into the labor market. They do this by making construction sites green.
  • They believe that everyone should be able to participate in the labor market.
  • Sustainable wood | Repair fences | Reuse fences and Recyle wood | Provide jobs for people with a distance to the labor market

The story of the Groene Bouwhekken began in 2016. In collaboration with Jan Coolen of the Plantenfabriek, the first 60 Groene Bouwhekken were realized on the Jaarbeursplein on behalf of the Green Business Club.

The Groene Bouwhekken was then added to existing fencing. Together with the Plantenfabriek, these gates were hand-crafted. In the autumn of 2016, the collaboration with Stichting Bouwloods Utrecht started, to see if a completely wooden building fence could be made, creating as much work as possible for people who have a distance from the labor market.

This was the starting signal for the Groene Bouwgekken: a social enterprise that literally improves the quality of life for construction sites. Both in terms of appearance and social impact. All processes have now been set up socially: production by the Bouwloods, transport, and installation by Reinaerde Groendiensten and maintenance by a local social organization, such as the Salvation Army.

Sustainability is in our DNA. From the type of material chosen (sustainable and locally-produced Douglas wood) to the production process. In the event of damage, a fence can be repaired (= no waste) and after use, a fence can be reused or the wood recycled.

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Groene Bouwhekken

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