Greenhost is involved in socially relevant issues such as sustainability and digital freedom.

  • They are committed to a sustainable, open and free internet and the protection of its users.
  • They strive for maximum sustainability at every step of their production process, from hardware and power to coffee and paper.
  • Hosting optimized for minimal energy consumption | Renewable energy sources| They sponsor projects centered around freedom, sustainability or culture.

Greenhost is a hosting provider that owns and manages its own network and hardware and is well known and trusted in the circumvention technology and technology for human rights circles. They have created and supported multiple projects focusing on protecting digital human rights and privacy. They have broad experience in supporting complex hosting needs of Human Rights organizations. They also provide sustainable web hosting, cloud services, and compelling niche offerings in information security. 

Collaborating with cultural organizations and technical pioneers, they strive to give their users the full opportunities of the internet while also protecting their privacy. Greenhost is actively involved in open source development, and they collaborate with outside projects in the areas of technology, journalism, culture, education, sustainability, and internet freedom.

Their servers are hosted at the climate neutral IronMountain data centre, and their cluster runs on Dutch wind energy. But green hosting at Greenhost means more than just green energy and CO2 compensation. From the start, they have aimed at using as little energy as possible and this is still crucial in every decision they make. 

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