Future Meat Technologies


They are a distributive manufacturing platform for the production of meat directly from animal cells.

  • They focus on developing a new generation of manufacturing technology that enables the cost-efficient production of fat and muscle cells, the core building blocks of meat.
  • They believe in a future in which our children eat the same food we enjoyed growing up.
  • 80% Less Greenhouse Emissions | 99% Less Land Use | 96% Less Water Use | 100% Same Nutritional Value.

Meat has been an essential part of our culture since the dawn of humanity. We crave meat, celebrate it, but its production is not sustainable. Animal agriculture utilizes over 80% of the world’s habitable land, 30% of our fresh water supply, and is a large driver for deforestation. Growing population and dietary changes are predicted to lead to scarcity and escalating prices.

Future Meat Technologies faces this challenge by advancing a cost-effective solution for cellular agriculture, that is scalable and sustainable by design. Their animal-free meat does not compromise on nutritional value, aroma or flavor. They believe in a future in which our children eat the same food we enjoyed growing up.

Future Meat Technologies groundbreaking process starts with GMO-free animal cells that grow indefinitely without animal-derived components.

Their cells are grown in patented bioreactors that can replace barns, chicken coops, and meat processing factories. Products are indistinguishable from animal-based meat.

This distributive technology is sustainable and cost-effective, and due to fast growth cycles, it enables producers to rapidly adjust to changing market demands. 

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