Fashion for Good

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A global initiative that's here to make all fashion good, as an innovation platform and a convenor for change.

  • They want to bring together the entire fashion ecosystem through their Innovation Platform and as a convenor for change.
  • They believe that Good Fashion is not only possible, it is within reach — what the industry lacks are the resources, tools, and incentives to put it into relentless practice.
  • Good Materials | Good Economy | Good Lives.

Fashion for Good is a worldwide initiative that’s here to make all fashion good. By sparking and scaling innovation, by offering practical action in the form of assistance, funding, and roadmaps, and by fostering sector-wide collaboration rather than competition, they allow the daring invention and widespread adoption of fair fashion practice.

With an Innovation Hub in Amsterdam, a startup accelerator in Silicon Valley and a global network of change-makers, Fashion for Good reimagines how fashion is created, made, worn and reused so that humans, businesses and the world can all thrive.

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How Do We Close the Loop in Fashion?

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