Renewables & Environment

They are on a mission to produce resource-efficient, scalable and affordable solar power cells.

Westmansgatan 47
582 16 Linköping
  • They are on a mission to produce the most resource-efficient, scalable, and affordable solar power cells in the world.
  • Harvesting light to create a sustainable world.
  • Reduce your battery related climate impact with up to 99% | Cut your maintenance costs with 80% | Made of Organic Material

Epishine is a startup with a big dream, to change the way the world uses energy so we can better defend our world from our dependency on fossil fuels.

They will do this by harvesting energy from the ambient light that continuously surrounds us. Already they are able to capture tiny amounts of light, enough for them to eliminate the need for cables and batteries in a lot of devices.

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Epishine - Mattias Josephson (CEO)

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