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Taking oil-free and recycled materials and make eyewear out of them. Look good for your planet.

  • They want to create Italian handmade bio and recycled acetate eyewear. Exploring the sunny side of plastic.
  • They make sustainable eyewear from plastic. And as their name points out, they like to shake things up a bit. They like to use and reuse plastic without creating more waste in the process.
  • Biodegradable and recycled materials | Reduce plastic waste.

In 2012, Tim took Robbert on the worst surfing journey ever. The sea and beach were full of trash. When they were home again thy chose to do something about it. They settled on making high-quality eyewear out of recycled or oil-free materials.

Their goods are manufactured from wood pulp and zero oil, it keeps the pollution down – and biodegrades in 115 days if you bury it in compost soil. They sweep the floor of their manufacturer. Saving bits and parts to recycle into black acetate frames. It’s 97% recycled acetate and 3% black ink.

They salvage slivers of surgical-grade stainless steel that are surplus to other glasses. And then totally transform them to top-notch timeless eyewear.

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