De Fruitmotor

Food & Beverages

They make honest products from stubborn apples, among other things a delicious apple cider.

  • They want to make our environment more beautiful together with others.
  • They want to contribute to a world in which we do not waste food and restore nature and landscape.
  • Sustainable fruit growing | No waste | Support the environment of bees.

De Fruitmotor noticed that the grower runs a high chance to lose the connection with the region, the market, the consumer, the citizen, the soil and the ecosystem because it is trapped in this system. The Fruitmotor thinks that this can and must be arranged differently. By providing the fruit grower a fair price for his leftover apples, with a biodiversity premium on top, there is room again to invest in what we all find important: a rich soil, a rich insect life, clean ditch water, more wild bees through the creation of bees hedges and flower borders and a flowery landscape where it is good for everyone.

They make fair products from stubborn apples (also known as Krenkelaars). Just not good enough for the supermarket but wonderful fruit with which they make a delicious apple cider, among other things. Their Krenkelaar Apple Cider has recently been voted Best Cider in the Netherlands and has recently been available throughout the Netherlands.

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