Environmental Services

A rooftop farm in the middel of Rotterdam.

  • Develop solutions for a more sustainable city.
  • They want to grow a sustainable city together.
  • Sustainable farming of vegetables, edible flowers and fruit | Smart water storage green roof | Provide education for primary schools.

The DakAkker is a 1000 m2 rooftop farm on top of the Schieblock in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. Vegetables, edible flowers, and fruit are grown and bees are kept. The DakAkker is the largest open-air roof farm in the Netherlands and one of the largest in Europe. The Smartroof is located on the roof of the rooftop pavilion. A test site for smart water storage and – management.

There are multiple beehives on the DakAkker. The honeybees assure pollination of plants on the DakAkker.

Organic seed and – planting material is used at the Dakakker rooftop farm. No fertilizer is used and no spraying with poison a 6-year alternating crop schedule is used.

The Smartroof on the roof pavilion is a smart water storage green roof with a smartflowcontrol that is driven by the weather forecast. When predicting extreme rainfall, the smartflowcontrol responds by making extra water storage capacity available 24 hours in advance.

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The DakAkker in Rotterdam, one of the largest roof fields in Europe

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