Dak Coffee Roasters

Food & Beverages

They are a coffee roasting company based in Amsterdam.

  • They are committed to offering you the best quality coffee, while reducing our footprint.
  • Ethically Sourced Coffee | Fair Prices for Farmers | Eco-friendly Packaging.

Based in Amsterdam, Dak Coffee Roasters was founded in 2019 by Louis-Philippe Boucher. Originally from Montreal, Canada, his passion for coffee began during his early years at University, studying and working full-time.

We often forget where the things we consume come from, but let us tell you that good coffee tastes even better when it is sourced ethically! It is important to us that the farmers we work with are paid their fair share of money and can afford good living conditions.

We only partner with importers that share our values, work with exclusive lots and do extensive background research on the farms. We are ready to pay a premium price for our green coffee beans to make sure everyone in the supply chain gets their fair shares and our customers get the best quality.

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