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Conscious Hotels is a stunning, eco-sexy hotel chain in the heart of Amsterdam.

  • In everything they do, we make sure that we choose the most sustainable solution.
  • They believe that being sustainable does not mean compromising comfort, but adds value to your stay.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly tourism | Recycled furniture | Water-saving showers | Organic food and drinks | Waste reduction | 100% sustainable energy sources.

Conscious Hotels is a beautiful, eco-sexy hotel chain in the heart of Amsterdam consisting of four hotels. These four hotels are Conscious Hotel Museum Square, Conscious Hotel Vondelpark, The Tire Station, and Conscious Hotel Westerpark. Also, the organic food and beverage concepts Restaurant MOER, Sticky Fingers, Bar Kantoor and grab and go Conscious Café are attached to the Conscious family.

They attempt to be as green, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. They believe they can do good while looking good. So they’re happy to invest a lot of time getting their clean, contemporary looks right. Paying attention to even the tiniest details.

Hotel guests can count on the fact that the hotel is run on environmentally-sound principles and is Green Key Gold Certified. For example, the furniture comes from sustainable sources, all used materials are certified or recycled and cleaning is done without using chemicals. Their latest hotel Conscious Hotel Westerpark is even 100% electric and completely powered by Dutch wind energy.

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