They make clever, uncompromising furniture for modern life at home.

New York,
United States
  • Smarter Supply Chain | Handcrafted from Sturdy, Sustainably-Sourced Hardwood | Non-toxic Fabrics | Built to Last with Durable, Premium Materials.

Burrow. We’ve long struggled with couches that are either cheap and flimsy, or heavy and expensive. They require a team to move, are complex to put together, and surely won’t fit into your next space.

That’s why Burrow is building clever, comfortable furniture for your life and living room.

All of their sofas are made from safe and environmentally-friendly components that will last a lifetime. Their wood is sustainably sourced, their fabrics are free from harmful chemical treatments, and their packaging is made from recycled materials. By delivering directly to the customer, they’re able to remove all retail markups and over 70% of standard shipping costs.

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