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Travel data-organization and hotel booking site with a mission: making travel more sustainable!

  • They're aiming to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable travel sector.
  • Creating a better world by developing sustainability awareness among consumers and businesses alike.
  • Sustainable travel.

bookdifferent is a social business, determined to make travel – and the impact of the tourism industry – better. For them it’s not about earning quick money, they’re in it for a healthier world. They don’t want to see more islands being closed due to pollution and overpopulation, instead, they want to help people choose a more sustainable way to travel.

They intend to do this by creating a shift towards a sustainable travel sector by driving demand for sustainable products in partnership with stakeholders. Building a better world by developing sustainability consciousness among travelers and accommodations.

They consider themselves a force for good in the global travel business and bring evidence that sustainability can be an economic driver for businesses around the world.

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