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Products that make you feel At-Home Off-Grid no matter where you are in the world.

New York,
United States
  • They want to create affordable, durable products designed to cook, charge, and light off-grid households by harnessing surrounding energy.
  • Creating access to energy for a growing world population.
  • Clean, affordable household energy | Providing products to emerging markets, 660.330 People Impacted | Reduce risks of open fire cooking, 4 million deaths per year.

BioLite creates, produces, and sells innovative consumer energy products for off-grid communities around the globe. Based in Dumbo Brooklyn NY, BioLite’s team of gifted engineers and business professionals work across two distinct business segments, Outdoor Markets which helps the energy needs of outdoor fans, primarily in North America, Europe, and Asia, and Emerging Markets which serves the energy demands of rural consumers in developing countries living in energy poverty in East Africa and India.

Half the planet still cooks on indoor open wood fires and the poisonous smoke they emit kills approximately 4 million people each year, twice as many as malaria. BioLite has developed a high-level, affordable, clean-burning stove that combines unprecedented emissions reductions with economically important electricity generation.

The HomeStove™ is capable of reducing indoor smoke by more than 90% while cutting fuel use in half. By providing our largely off-grid customers with the ability to charge cell phones and LED lights, their stoves create an economic stimulus for purchase and continued use, ensuring sustainable delivery of our health and environmental advantages.

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